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New Monogrammed Bucket and Car Tag Design

Snowy Midnight Bucket
Our new Snowy Midnight monogrammed bucket  and monogrammed car tag are now available.  Click here to check out all our new products

Monogrammed Snowy Midnight Car Tag

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Personalized Car Tags – New Designs


Monogrammed Polka Dot Hippo Car TagYou’ll stop traffic when you adorn your car with this 3D monogrammed acrylic car tag.  These tags are Made in the USA by Morgan & Company.  Copyright and Design Patents Pending.

Choose from Block or Curlz letters in Black, Brown, Grass Green, Orange, Red, Royal, White, or Yellow.

Polka Dot Hippo Tag with Royal Blue Curlz shown.

New personalized car tags designs include Smores, Blowing Bubbles, Houndstooth (with crimson letters for all you Bama fans) and Cheetah.





Monogrammed Smores Car TagMonogrammed Blowing Bubbles Car TagMonogrammed Checked Houndstooth Car TagMonogrammed African Cheetah Car Tag

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3D Monogrammed Photo Frame

3D Monogram Photo FrameThis personalized photo frame featuring a 3D name and a one line engraved date (baby feet optional) makes a truly unique gift.  Available in baby blue, pink and natural.

The frame is available in two sizes, 4″ x 6″ photo (measures 7″ x 9″ overall) or 5″ x 7″ photo (measures 8″ x 10″ overall).

These are designed and made in the USA.

Retail Price: $35

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Monogrammed Halloween Buckets

Halloween BucketsTheese spooky Halloween buckets can be used for virtually anything from adding a mysterious touch to a house plant for the holiday to holding your loot when you go trick-or-treating. Have it monogrammed for a personal touch.

Available in 2.5 quart (4.74″ tall x 7″ diameter) and 5 quart (6.5″ tall x 8.25″ diameter). Choose from one of our four eerie fabrics to best match your style (black widow (orange thread), ghosts galore (yellow thread), hide-n-seek and pumpkin patch).  Click here to see all the choices.

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Why has the Price of Silver Jewelry Gone Up?

Why has the price of silver jewelry gone up in the past year?… glad you asked.  Some of our customers question why does our silver jewelry prices flucuate.  Our response is: for the same reason the price you pay at the gas pump flucates from day to day.  First and foremost, silver is a commodity just like oil, gold, gas, coal etc.  When the prices of these commodities surge like they have in the last year, the price of raw silver will go right along with them. 

Sterling silver jewelry is comprised of 92.5% silver (thus the .925 stamp on all true sterling pieces) and 7.5% copper.  The copper makes the silver more durable.

As you can see from the top chart, raw silver prices went from $12/oz a year ago to over $20/oz within the last year.  Just in the last month have they had a steep drop from $18/oz to under $14/oz.  In the last 5 years (bottom) silver has gone from $4.78/oz to a high of $20.79/oz or an increase of almost 500%.

Silver jewelry designers (Morgan & Company included) do not make any more money by increasing the prices of our silver jewelry.  We are only recouping the increased costs of the raw silver which accounts for 75% of the cost to produce.

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Monogrammed Silver Jewelry

Monogrammed Sterling Silver Chain BraceletSimply irresistible. This Sterling Silver Chain Bracelet with a toggle catch is made of the finest sterling. A 22mm sterling silver round pendant attaches to the toggle, and can be engraved with a name or monogram.

Script engraving shown.

Available in 7″ or 8″.

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